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this afternoon. 68 by 9:00. 75 by noon. 77 by 5:00. i don't think we hit 80 today. but then i need to talk about the week rain and the full forecast in 15 minutes. the spotlight on maryland forecast in nine minutes. right now a look at traffic. angie? >> appreciate it. welcome to the 6:00 hour, everybody. happy friday. we have some issues early on as you look at the maps. first take you out live and show you silver spring. some better news. looks like university heading eastbound at dennis road. that's where -- or dennis avenue i should say, only losing a right lane. drivers are able to get an the crash activity and downed wires by staying to the left. to the outer loop we move and showing you we are filling out between new hampshire to georgia avenue no incidents along the way. next to the district and take you to the maps. some lingering fire activity. this is on anacostia avenue where it meets benning road in northeast dc. 395 northbound, that's how we will wrap it up.
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you are doing okay until you approach duke street. that's when you will put on the brakes making your way to seminary. now over to andrea. at the top of the hour, here's a look at the stories happening today. president obama will answer questions from reporters this morning. he hold a press answer conference at 11:00 and you will see it live on robert gates tackles mental health issues today. he will be part of the launch of the national action alliance for suicide prevention. that happens this morning at 9:00. muslims celebrate the end of ramadan today. and this is a look at the celebration this morning in inthese ya. -- indonesia. also today we will watch for the latest development in the plan to burn copies of the koran. lindsey mastis has more on the off and on story. where are we now? >> well, terry jones yesterday agreed to cancel his plans to burn copies of the koran. he says he did so because the
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imam in new york agreed to move the location of the mosque away from ground zero. but then jones found out that wasn't the case. and imam in central florida reached out to jones after his plans caused international reaction. jones says he took imam's word that the mosque in new york would be moved and that he would meet with the imam in new york on 9/11. there are no plans to move the mosque and the meeting between jones and imam in new york. it is not confirmed. jones is saying he believes he was lied to and he also says that if that meeting does not happen he may resume plans to burn korans in gainesville, florida. andrea? >> lindsey, you have information about another charge that wants to get involved in this debate over the book burning as well? >> that's correct. the west borough baptist church released a statement. they are known for protesting soldiers funerals and are
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saying if terry jones does not go through with it, they will and they say they have two years ago, back in 2008, here in washington, d.c., they say they were on massachusetts avenue, right in front of the iraqi embassy. they say they did burn copies of the koran back then in washington. >> all right. thank you for the update. terry jones planned trip to new york city has been sitting well with people in the big apple. a lot of them say he's not welcome. there's no comment on the supposed visit from the mayor bloomberg. >> i think it is a joke. what are they going to work out, reconform the islamic religion, based on what this guy in florida thinks? >> i think it would be damaging to everyone involved an he should stay in florida where he belongs and stay out of it. >> reporter: again, no comment from mayor bloomberg and we will be following this story for you over the weekend. so count on 9 news now for the
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latest. now to breaking news we have been following overnight. take a look at this video from the san bruno, california area. a massive fire after a natural gas line ruptured just after 6:00 local time last night. the explosion left behind a giant crater. one person is dead an could be more victims. the search will resume later this morning. more than 50 homes are destroyed and 120 damaged. a firefighter talks about what he saw. >> would not stop. so we knew it was a gas main because it kept going, literally 100 feet flames. police are beefing up patrols after a rash of robberies near the university of maryland. there have been five robberies in college park over the past three weeks the most recent holdups happen within minute of each oron monday night. two were students of the
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school. university of maryland police chief mitchell says he may put a task force together to focus on the problem. the woman behind the pedestrian accident in adams morgan is now accused of driving while intoxicated. 23-year-old adams lives in mitchell maryland. police say her car jumped a median and struck two women on wednesday night. the vehicle also crashed in to a restaurant at 18th street and florida avenue. adams is also charged with aggravated assault. jessica is here with another "living $mart" report. you have a little bad news for recent first home buyers. >> that's right. this is not going to be well received. half of the people who took the first time home buyers tax credit and took it off of tear 2009 taxes will have to repay that money to the federal government. it works out to be nearly 1 million americans when the credit was first introduced in the 2008 it was in the form of a no-interest loan up to 7500
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there's and the money had to be repaid within 85 years but the rules were changed last year. so those were issued a refund instead of a loan and now the irs is developing a strategy for separating out the taxpayers who were required to pay the credit and those who are not. speaking of buying houses, local home prices were up 9.3% in august compared to last year. that compares with 5.7% gain. clear capital says the dc area has certainly weathered the recession better than other places. but local home prices did drop 42% from peak. which cell phone company has the best service? j.d. powers has a list and the winner is verizon wireless. its customers reported the fewest dropped calls in the mid- atlantic region, 5% of all calls and that is followed by 9% for sprint, 12% for t-mobile
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and 13% for at&t which is myself with the iphone. on average cell phone users in the region reported nine call problems per 100 calls. big difference between you and me with the service. >> probably why at&t got the lock on the iphone. >> there you go. are you eating enough fruits and vegetables each day? according to the centers for disease control, 35.5% of americans eat two servings or more daily. now in the district it is 40% of residents. 37% in maryland and under 34% in virginia. when it comes to eating three servings of vegetables a day, 26% of americans do that. dc is still eating pretty healthyful with 32%. maryland just urn 29 an virginia at 30%. so, if you are living in virginia i'm in the district. how are we doing? >> i'm trying. we are moms. always bring a snack just in case. i try to always have fruit in
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the bag to go but sometimes mcdonald's calls. >> exactly. i wasn't a big fruit and vegetable person as a child but as a parent. >> you try, you try to improve your habits. >> that's all that is important. we try and add a little more. >> got it. up next hear from a woman who uses psychedelic mushrooms as medicine. that's no the kind of veggies we are talking about. >> i saw it as aioliing, breathing entity. >> in three minutes you will also hear from a johns hopkins phd on the benefits of this control technique. it is our focus on maryland's weather and traffic starting with devon lucie. >> no aberrations in the forecast. another beautiful day coming our way. we will take you in to maryland where you are in the a 0s. rising quickly toe the 60s. annapolis you are a little warmer hugging the bay and same with easton and salisbury.
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in the 70s by this afternoon. i'm saying node upper 70s. that's where we should cap things off. not the 88 we had at reagan national. hager towns way, 73, 74 for a high. in western maryland you will be hard to break out hoff the mid to upper 60s for highs way out there. the latest in silver spring as we focus on maryland's roads heading eastbound at university and dennis avenue. some police activity going on. losing the right lane. stay left to get by. witch over to 270 southbound. watching drivers fill out quite a bit from germantown road to montross. and quickly looking a connecticut and bradley boulevard where obviously everything out here is all clear. happy friday, everybody. the time is 6:09. 9 news now will be right back. xc
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we are back with a look at psychedelic mushrooms or medical mushrooms. they are not an illicit drug but a treatment for depression. we look at a clinical study at johns hopkins to explore what volunteers feel on their carefully controlled trips. >> i saw things that are difficult to describe. >> reporter: 58-year-old judith has dealt with a diagnosis of kidney cancer and a surgery to remove it that left her debilitated an depressed. she decided to try a treatment that clearly falls outside of
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the norm, using a what louis know jen found in certain mushrooms. >> i saw the whole of creation. i saw it as a living, breathing entity. >> reporter: those mystical or spiritual visions are something people reported for centuries. according to lead researcher riolan griffith. >> these drugs haven't been studied for some 30 years because of the trauma of the ' 80s that so demonized the use of the compounds. >> reporter: but he says there can be adverse physical reactions to the trip. so a tightly controlled environment is key. at johns hopkins, trained monitors or guides stay with the volunteers during the process. judith describes what she felt in the quiet study room, blind folded listening to classical music. >> physically i was very cold and my guides covered me with a
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lot of blankets. i had a lot of involuntary twitching happening. >> reporter: but judith says she wasn't frightened by the side effects because the emotional impact was so intense. she says i changed her outlook and her life. >> it was a very good thing for me. >> reporter: anita brickman, 9 news now. >> anita contacted several antidrug organizations and rehab facilities a and dare america gave us the only response. it said unless and until mushrooms receive fda approval is it risky to treat anyone with any allem, especially someone with depression, anxiety or mental problems with them. it is 13. here's what is in the news now. two people are dead and one in critical condition after a work place shooting in philadelphia. police say a woman was fired from the krafts foods facility reasoned with a gun on thursday night. she is now in police custody
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people in boulder, colorado, are repreparing to flee in case the wildfire gets closer to the city. flames consumed 170 homes and 30% contained. with the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks tomorrow, a piece of steal from the world trade center now belongs to hamilton, new jersey. it will be used for a memorial there. other pieces have been given to towns nationwide. devon is in for howard bernstein. we don't mean to complain. we have two little things, some ragweed. and then the dry conditions. that's the only complaints. >> yeah. you hit those on the head. hayfever and ragweed season is synonymous and with the dry air in place and dry conditions we are talking about voluntarily taking care of water conditions and trying to conserve on that. take a shorter shower and make sure you have a full load of laundry if you do that.
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and turn the water off when brushing your teeth, don't keep it running the entire time. that's an easy one to do. there's relief to the ragweed season coming this weekend. that will be through sunday morning with rain showers moving in. yesterday high of 81. dry, mild day. temperatures rose quickly through the 70s. should be in the mid to upper 70s for highs today. saturday free and clear. nearly 80 degrees. there's the rain through sunday morning, sunday afternoon, sunday night. it is looking great. if we get enough sunshine we could hit 80. bus stop forecast this morning, upper 50sin the cole cool els spot to the mid-60s downtown. jackets, pullovers, maybe a sweatshirt or something like that. shorts and t-shirt weather by this afternoon as temperatures rise in the upper 70s sunny and cool for the rest of us this morning. northwest breeze is not strong. upwards of 20 to 30 miles an hour yesterday. not as bad. so also going to add to a high fire danger which has been a problem with the dry
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conditions. starting off as a cool start as we go to the weekend, 50s for most of us near 80 for a low here in dc and upper 70s by saturday afternoon. 9 news now , satellite-radar combined. nothing going on. a few clouds here and there, northwest to the southwest and 61 is what we have hit at reagan national. 52 gaithersburg. 54 culpeper. southern maryland in the upper 50s to the 80s. 9 future cast shows a lot of sunshine in the forecast today. one or two clouds like we did midday to the afternoon just like yesterday. as we go to the weekend the cloud cover is starting to build in saturday late in the day. overnight early-morning hours, could see 1:00 or 2:00 this in the morning first sign of the showers and then we get showers here. if you have morning plans on send you have to watch it. you will need the rain gear. evening hours things clear out and looking beautiful as we do to the evening forecast on
6:17 am
sunday. i think there's 90,000 people who want things to be free and clear on sunday night. you are going to get it. temperatures in in the mid-70s. maybe a degree or two past the 70-degree mark. temperatures overnight in the lower 50s and near 80 as we go in to saturday. zone forecast, way out west, it's cooler oakland. cumberland mid-60s to mid-70s. seven-day forecast, the morning rain to contend with on sunday but it is out of here as soon as the noon hour on sunday afternoon. angie? >> thank you, devon. right now, it has been an eventful friday already. sorry to report that, folks. move it to sky 9 and show you the first tieup we have been watching. silver spring and university and dennis avenue where you can see the remnants of the crash activity. an accident involving a driver hitting a pole. some downed wires as a result of that. we are losing the right lane. so drivers can get by heading
6:18 am
to the left. all westbound lanes are open. move to the district and zoom in and show you that we have a little bit of fire activity lingering around. this is anacostia avenue at benning road. you want to avoid the area here. south of here, dc 295 at the suitland parkway getting word of an accident. some new crash activity is forcing drivers to lose one lane. finally let's look at 66 eastbound, just jammed from 50 to 123. a disabled vehicle approaching the capital beltway. that's gone but did add to the early morning delays. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:18. a metro access driver is accused of sexually assaulting one of his passengers. 59-year-old samuel kingston of gaithersburg, maryland drives for a subcontractor that prides transportation for special needs passengers. he says kingston attacked him in montgomery county. the latest incident is two months after another driver was
6:19 am
accused of sexually assaulting a disabled passenger. following the allegations, police believe he fled the country. the district school without walls is the city's only national blue ribbon winner this school year. student government president mark franklin said yesterday students face a challenging curriculum. >> we are not facing charges. we have each other and a strong community because we are such a strong school. we have teacher thes who are always there after school to help us out. >> education secretary arne duncan traveled to the school to announce the blue ribbon winners. among the other local schools receiving the honors sane john the baptist in silver spring. st. louis school in clarksville, maryland. saint teresa in ashburn and lincoln elementary in purcellville, virginia. it is 6:20. are you ready for football? a lot of people around here are
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good morning. mike shanahan hasn't called a single play for the redskins yet but already accomplished something the previous regime couldn't manage he put the fire in portis ' pellly. he seemed uninspired last year. didn't want to practice, his weight was up and quickness down. he appeared to be on the down slip of his career but under shanahan he is revitalized. he's fit again, his quickness is back anew out to prove at age 29 he has more pro bowl seasons ahead of him. >> i think i know what i'm capable of doing an the world
6:24 am
knows what i am capable of doing. i'm still here. you all want me to be forgotten about i'm still here. >> when you thought that dan snyder was taking a lower profile in his ownership of the franchise we see this. that is snyder and jerry jones co-starring in a papa johns pisa commercial. i kid. that's a look at sports. have a great friday. the new orleans saints unveiled their super bowl banner last night at the kick off of the nfl season. the saints hosted the hikings. thomas runs in the ball in one yard for a go-ahead touchdown the saints win 14-9. coming up on 6:25. ahead where president obama will mark tomorrow's anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. our region is in desperate need of rain. learn how dry it is.
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today's weather won't help out the dry conditioning but it will be a beautiful day. a look ahead to the week when 9 news now [ male announcer ] have something you love doing?
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i give patients act restoring mouthwash. act kills germs, restores minerals strengthens enamel. act restoring-- for strong teeth act now. welcome back. it is 62 t. great weather last
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night for a little dining alfresco. fall is definitely in the air. we feel it. so i came out on the weather terrace with devon to experience it. >> chivalry is not dead. >> thank you very much. >> you were a little cold so i figured i would help you. >> this is a very thin thing and you can light a fire in his fireplace out on the deck. >> if we only had the real deal out here. i don't think it is operational. >> but i don't want to take too much time away from you because you have a great forecast. >> if you were having dinner outside last night it is a repeat performance tonight. in the mid-50s this morning. >> freezing. >> 83 is the official temperature. temperatures outside of washington and mainly 50s for everyone. but if you are over close to the bay on the water you will be in the 80s this morning. 68 by 9:00. a cool morning.
6:30 am
it is shores weather by this afternoon. if you are susceptible to that breeze making you feel cooler, maybe jeans and t-shirt weather later on today. i want to talk about rain chances moving in to the weekend, which is doing to help out the ragweed factor. we need to get inside myself with a complete outlook. >> i just ran by andrea and i got cold just looking a her. she is shivering. >> a couple of accidents we are keeping an eye on. 66 approaching the beltway. an accident out this way taking away two right lanes. you are jammed approaching the accident scene and then hit a good amount of congestion from 50 to 123. if we go back to the realtime graphics, i want to show you northbound on 295 where it meets the suitland parkway is where we have crash activity causing a little backup around malcolm x. eastbound university, another trouble spot here at dennis avenue. we are losing a right lane due
6:31 am
to the early morning accident. be careful heading out there. we are hearing it will be there throughout the rush. nowing back to andrea. hope you warmed up a bit. >> i have. thank you. in just a few hours, president obama goes before reporters in a national television audience. he will conduct a news conference. on the ajen dark the economy, the war in afghanistan, and of course much, much more. we will bring you live coverage of the news conference at 11:00. harry smith will anchor the coverage from new york. you can get reaction on-line this afternoon at the president may weigh in again on the florida pastor's plan to burn copies of the koran. whether it will happen remains to be seen. lindsey is live in the satellite center with the latest developments. >> reporter: good morning. terry jones says the reason the spire thing started is over the planned building of the mosque near the site of ground zero. terry jones says the only
6:32 am
reason he called off plans to burn copies of the koran is because he was promised the site would be moved away from ground zero. we are learning now that was never the case terry jones stood next to the florida imam and said this. >> the imam has agreed to move the mosque. >> reporter: he didn't say anything to the contrary. it is -- he was taken aside by a cbs reporter to clarify. >> you had no promise from him as of yet. >> no. i don't have a promise from the imam. i did not speak to the imam directly. >> shortly after that, the imam in new york released this statement -- >> reporter: er the rejones reasoned to the microphone. >> i was lied to. >> he says he was promised a meeting with the imam in new york city. that meeting is not confirmed and if that doesn't happen it is possible that jones will
6:33 am
resume plans to burn copies of the koran. we also have breaking news out of afghanistan. this issue has gotten worldwide attention. there's been a protest according to reuters there was 10,000 people protesting against terry jones ' plan. they began or at least a portion of the group began to attack a alternate base run by germany. alternate responded with shots. there's been one person, a protester that was shot and killed in response to protesting against terry jones. andrea? >> thank you for that update. the plan to burn copies of the koran comes on the ninth anniversary of september 11th. there will be tributes nationwide to the victims and first responders on that awful day. president obama will travel to arlington. he will take part in the service at the pentagon memorial. vice president biden will travel to ground zero in new york. and first lady michelle obama will join former first lady laura bush at the flight 93 crash site in pennsylvania.
6:34 am
8,000 volunteers will descend on the district for a national day of service. and saturday night in arlington, police and firefighters will join 3500 people at a 5 k race. it begins andnds in crystal city. learn more about the race by going to it is on the arlington section in the news where you live section. we are following 50 communities across the region. dry and windy conditions are providing the perfect conditions for brushfires in our area. crews were pull called to put out flames in bowie, maryland recently. experts say highway budget cuts are a fang tore in raising the danger for the fires that can flair up quickly. >> the grass has not been cut as often as it should be. the grass what is growing higher an higher, and with the wind, the temperatures, lower humidity, it is getting very dry. >> reporter: officials say human carelessness like the flick of an ash from a cigarette is also a major
6:35 am
factor in brushfires. it is 6:35. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is looking at health care costs. >> that's right. the massive reform bill enacted in march. one of the goals was to lower health care costs, that's the big goal, right. the latest government estimates show it will be a while before any of us get a peak on costs. in fact reforms are expected to push up costs in the short term. the flubs the center of medicare and med aid services. health care reform provisions will boost spending by $10.2 billion from bent to 2014. health care spending now expected to spike 9 phone 2% in 2014, the biggest jump. after that, though, spending is expected to slow down slightly from 20015 through 2019. tysons corner is getting a new luxury apartment building. our partners at the washington
6:36 am
examiner. it will be within walking distance of the two tysons smalls. later today the new waterfront development called the yards park opens the public. it is located east of nationals ballpark. the size is four football fields and features a quarter mile of boardwalk a water fall, 60-foot light tour and dog run. 4le -- $42 million. >> i -- i want to do the trapeze class. right now we want to bring you an update on the breaking news, at least one person is dead and 20 more are hurt after this explosion and massive fire. this happened last night in san bruno, california just outside of san francisco. we have learned this morning it began when a gas line ruptured. the explosion left a crater and set fire to several blocks in the suburban neighborhood.
6:37 am
at least 50 homes were destroyed one man who lives in the area talks about what he licensed last night -- witnessed last night as he was sitting down to din -- dinner. >> i didn't know what the sound was. got louder and louder and finally looked up and out of my window and saw this sky was aflame and i couldn't figure out what happened. >> our partners at the cbs "early show" will have more on this story at the top of the hour. >> right now 6:37. in six minutes, angie tells us about the largest area baby celebration event. it is part of her oh my baby segment. in 12 minutes accusations that mayor fenty is trying to buy votes. hear how he is responding. >> cool to the day once again. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. 61 is our official dc
6:38 am
temperature n. the virginia territory, give you the temperatures that will rise through the 60s through the morning hours. little warmer down south. richmond in to 80 degrees. northern virginia, fairfax mid to upper 70s. culpeper 77, 78 for the high. shenandoah over in the valley, about 76 for a high there today. no chance of rain for anyone today but it does move in to weekend. i will have that in the complete forecast in ten minutes. right now the focus is on you, virginia beginning with a tieup on the inner loop past 66. new crash activity is taking away a couple of right lanes. as you can imagine this is building a jam up. it is stretching back to 236 little river turnpike. take it to backlick road where it meets edsall road. a different situation out that this way. no incidents or accidents to report and smooth sailing for those who travel 267 eastbound on the dulles toll road past the airport. no problems making your way to get on to 6 or 495.
6:39 am
we'll be right
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the baby on the way, first time mom. where do i start? i have no clue. i am joined by a dc baby planner who's here to help new moms and you are expecting as well. >> this is my third. >> so you are very experienced. she's here to help us with registry essential items. real quick, we have a lot to get to here. who are the top items every mom should register for? >> you need a really good and safe car seat. this is a new one that came on the market a few weeks ago. the technology is amazing, has a safe cell technology for forward crashes, side impact for side crashes. it is far superior in their sec nothing and safety. highly recommend this. it goes from size five pounds up to 70. >> if you are on a budget get within car seat. and if you have a maybe you want them to sleep.
6:44 am
swaddle blankets are essential an i recommend them. these are a couple of popular ones that make it easy, instead of taking a blanket and doing it yourself and even has instructions inside. >> fabulous. >> then you need a carrier because you are holding the baby a lot. three popular brands on the market, ergo baby, baby bjorn, and a sling is a fabulous product. all of these can go up to toddler size. they are adjustable. find one that works for you. >> and comes with directions, because that's the one my sister sent me. still trying to figure it out. >> it is a fabulous product. >> you need a feeding pillow. this is my breast friend. these dominate the market because they are the best on the market. >> reporter: what do we have here? >> after you are holding the baby for hours you want a place to put the baby down and sometimes it is hard to get the baby to sleep. so you want a swing or a chair like this.
6:45 am
this is actually a pod bouncer. it has an mp-3 player attachment. >> these babies are cooler than ever. protected and staying with the times. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and then some bottles. you want to have some on hand in case you decide in the mile of the night you want to do formula or pump and go out. these are terrific bottles. bpa free, you can't go wrong with those. they will last you for multiple children. >> and we are actually out of time and i want to get this in. we are having the largest baby celebration in the washington area. going down right here the great beginnings baby bargains celebration is saturday, september 25th at 18501 north frederick road if gaithers before from 10:30 to 4:00. rachel with dc baby planners, thank you so much for joining us. a lot of great information. the forecast is looking great here today. it is a degree or two cooler
6:46 am
from yesterday. 81 for an official high and going 77 today. saturday is looking fine. clouds move in late in the day and toward sunday morning to mid-morning we have shower activity. i have take then temperature down to 78 degrees with cloud cover late in the day. them bus stop forecast this morning, mid-50s to lower 80s. it is cool this morning. jacket weather, maybe a pullover. it will be t-shirts this afternoon. for the rest of us this morning mid to upper 50s for the low temperatures. quickly in to the 60s and back in in the mid-60s to upper 60s by 10:00 and mid to upper 70s by this afternoon. a very dry day. the breeze is not here. light from the northwest phi to ten miles an hour. another cold start or chilly start in the saturday morning time period and up to 80 degrees once we get to saturday afternoon. satellite and radar, nothing but clear skies. one or two clouds drifting by 10:00, noon hour an 1:00 and 2:00 this afternoon.
6:47 am
54 gaithersburg. culpeper 52. , the cool spot. 50 in cumberland. pax river 80-degrees that way. sunshine here today. one or two clouds at times. generally the temperatures a degree or two cooler from yesterday. upper 70s for many high temperatures. saturday our 9 future cast is already here. by the evening hours we will move in clouds. overnight, early-morning hours the showers begin. rain showers, nothing heavy, no thunderstorms but well-needed rain that we need after a try summer. it is done by mid-morning to midday. an we get clearing skies. it will come late enough we won't get the temperatures to 80 degrees and mid-70s in many cases. mid to upper 70s. i don't think we hit an 80- degree mark. zone forecast shows out west mid to lower 70sin the higher elevations. go in in the appalachian and you will be in the 80s for highs today. mid-70s to upper 70s for washington. i'm going to hold mid-70s as we cross over the bay to the
6:48 am
eastern shore today. little more humid the farther south and east you go. seven-day forecast, a 77-degree high today. nearly 80 on saturday. the morning rain on sunday. weekend plans, saturday free and clear. sunday afternoon and evening looking great. 90,000 of us should be grit. as we go to sunday morning that's the wrinkle in to the weekend. make adjustments if you need to make them there. otherwise a great end of the week and beginning of the weekend. 12 minutes from the 7:00 hour. still have a few things to keep an eye out for. the accident on the inner loop in particular. it is approaching 86. we want to move it outside and show you it has been pushed to the right shoulder. the damage has been done. a live shot from sky 9 here. looks like we got it over to the shoulder. all lanes of traffic are getting by. a jamup around 236 little river turnpike. let's move over to 395 heading northbound. the jamup here stretching from the beltway approaching, i
6:49 am
believe it's duke street an slowing down making your way to the 14th street bridge. in the district, dc 295, backs to the maps and zoom in. at the suitland parkway, more crash activity and the drivers are stacked around malcolm x boulevard. we will take it up to university boulevard. an that is where we have some remnants of an earlier crash activity that brought a pole down. this is at dennis avenue. no right lane right now. heading eastbound. westbound you are okay. now, over to andrea. dc mayoral candidate vincent gray is asking for votes to be tossed out. he claims challenger mayor fenty paid for votes in exchange for jobs. >> one or two people said they have been offered $100 for their vote. and what we did immediately -- what she did immediately is contact the board of elections and the general counsel tim mcgay an ask for it to be investigated. >> this is an old political trick. we don't have a strong record
6:50 am
to run on you run away with the allegations that are baseless. my opponent has pretty much perfected it in this election but i don't think the citizens will let him get away with it. >> reporter: last weekend the "washington post" reported that a fenty supporters was paid $800 to vote. in sports the nationals are back in action tonight and begin a series with the marlins at nationals park. the nfl season began last night when the super bowl champion saints hosted the hikings. new orleans trailed in the third quarter until thomas ran the ball in one yard for a touchdown the saints win it 14- 9. 81 degrees here in northwest washington. you will need a jacket in morning. metro pulls nearly 100 buses from the fleet. we'll be right back. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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here's what is in the news now, 99 fewer metro buses will be on the roads this morning. the transit agency pulled them after a bus fire on thursday after the beltway in springfield. no one was hurt. metro wants to inspect those buses for any possible safety issues. customs official at dulles airport seized 14 giant snails they arrived from ghana over labor day weekend. they are illegal here. the person carrying them was not penalized. the flu ridge parkway is celebrating the 75th birthday today. governor mcdonnell will attenthe ceremony this morning. the road covers 489-miles from the shenandoah to the grit smoky mountains. 62 degrees is our current temperature right now. we will be rising to 68 by 9:00 and 77 for a high this afternoon. i will have the complete defend with weekend rain when we come
6:55 am
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. break out the salt and ketchup a chef set a record for french fry making. he did it for 83 hours with a small break in in the middle. it shattered the record. he cooked 3300-pounds of fries. it is pell jerusalem's national deb after all. proceeds go to a children's national hospital. live from sky 9. the inner loop approaching 88 crash activity on the right shoulder. delays stretching from gallows road and breaking up. so light at the enof the tunnel there. in to dc we move. 295 northbound as we take it to the maps near the suitland parkway losing the right lane due to crash activity. on the outer loop in maryland
6:59 am
we are jammed from 95 to georgia. plus ten to 25 minutes for that -- 10 to 15 minutes. >> will you kick me off the morning show if i say i will eat my fries with mayo. >> i eat it by the spoon. >> 77 for the high today. 78 tomorrow. temperatures down a degree or two on sunday with morning rain. >> good to know. as for wall street looks like the september rally could continue this morning. futures trading is pointing higher in mayo toe bass coe. >> more on the massive explosion in california and ideas on saving plenty of money on the next trip to the supermarket. the news, weather and traffic at >> have airfreight weekend, everybody. see you 4:25.

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